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Slow Fashion Is Our Mantra

Tinamaria Crewdson

Quality Shoes.jpg

As a brand, social responsibility is the foundation of our culture. We demonstrate this through our support of charitable causes as well as our passion for humanity. As a result, it was vital to include this ideology in the development of our products. The fashion industry is second to the oil industry as the greatest pollutant on the planet and fast fashion is a major contributor. These products are taken from the design phase to the retail stage in just a matter of weeks. This creates overconsumption due to cheaper costs that come with a higher price tag on the environment. It is estimated that in the US alone, more than 12.8 million tons of textiles are dumped annually in landfills. This equates to approximately 80 pounds per person. Much of this is due to clothing made in China as well as developing countries, where environmental regulations are liberal. In fact, the production processes in these locations not only contribute to waste but exacerbate environmental issues such as global warming.

Slow fashion is the latest movement to counteract the damage through the emphasis of conscious product consumption. Furthermore, this movement has taken the fashion industry by storm with legends such as Vivienne Westwood championing the change in perspective. The goal is to focus on purchasing high caliber items that were built to last. In support of the slow fashion philosophy, it was imperative for us to produce high-quality goods, ethically. As a designer, every step of the design process is carefully considered. In order to honor our brand values, compromising quality is not an option for the sake of instant gratification. We focus on creating beautiful, well-crafted shoes manufactured in a location noted for excellent craftsmanship of shoes and high ethical standards, Italy.

Our commitment is to build a brand that will remain true to our customers and our environment. Moreover, we wish to grow and evolve with you responsibly.

How To Style - Mia Ragazza

Tinamaria Crewdson


There is something about the season of summer that evokes the feeling of wanderlust. An energy that is playful, feminine, yet romantic just like women’s fashion during this time of year, especially, in the category of women’s footwear!


The Mia Ragazza, Italian for “my girl”, is a modern twist on boho chic. It was inspired by this very concept, which lead to the creation of two distinct style options. These styles present a softer or bolder approach to your bohemian vibe this season. Mia Ragazza is modern update to the classic bohemian sandal and will be your go to sandal time and again!

Mia Ragazza Suede- Product Shot

The nude version is flirty and fun, crafted from a buttery soft suede with flowing fringes that drape over the foot highlighting ever so elegantly the touches of studded detail on the toe strap and ankle finishes. These finishes are a western style antiqued brushed silver buckle. They create such a luxurious feeling you won’t want to take them off your feet! It is so versatile and perfect to pair with anything from a dressy printed romper or skirt to a  colorful summer dress for the perfect date night look. Moreover, we added a two-inch heel to develop a well-balanced shoe that can easily go from day to night. This decision was inspired by our customers who wanted a sexy sandal with a lower heel and we delivered! 

Black Nappa - Mia Ragazza

Our black Nappa leather version of the Mia Ragazza is bolder for a cool, edgier city look. This beauty is the perfect complement to your favorite pair of jeans or the finishing touch to accent your LBD.


May the Mia Ragazza put a little summer magic in your step. Shop the style now. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram & Pinterest

Behind The Jess Sandal

Tinamaria Crewdson


They say that business isn’t personal but the truth is, situations and circumstances can affect the way you do business. These circumstances can transform your perspective, inspiring you to create opportunities to make even the slightest difference in the lives of others.

Designing is my passion, but it has grown to include more charitable elements. This lead to the creation of the Jess sandal, a style that is near and dear to my heart. There are moments in life when we find ourselves moved by the heartwarming stories of those we may not know personally. On the other hand, these stories of achievement, generosity along with the amazing courage demonstrated when facing the challenges of life, fosters the energy that drives us as a brand.

The Jess sandal was developed in honor of Jessica Wells, who sadly lost her battle with Leukemia. My daughter, who was a friend of Jess, shared with me that she had liked a pair of sandals I designed. Moreover, she hoped that upon receiving clearance from quarantine after her bone marrow transplant that I would be able to hand deliver them to her. Unfortunately, that moment never arrived. On the other hand, I was blessed to know her brother Rich very well, a young man anyone would be proud to say they knew. He is a great uncle to Jess’ six-year-old son, Nick, whom I met him briefly, and is a very talented baseball player, I might add!


I connected with Jess’ family and friends as they shared stories about her faith, strength, and courage. Jess passed away in 2017at the age of thirty-one. Her death had a profound impact on me as a woman, sister, and mother. As a result, I felt compelled to give something to her family to honor her memory. This sparked the concept of the "Jess" sandal. It took several prototypes to develop something that I felt happy with, but I knew she would love the design. I chose pink as the signature color because it was Jess' favorite color and just like Jess, this style has a young, beautiful and spirited essence.

The insole of the shoe bears a unique logo designed by my daughter. On one-half, there is a heart and on the other an angel wing. These logo marks represent Jess and the beautiful young woman she was who shared her gifts with many. In the spirit of our brand’s charitable culture, all profits made from the Jess sandal will be donated to contribute to a college fund for her loving son Nick.

Jess & Her Son Nick.JPG

It is my hope that every time a Jess sandal is worn, it helps put a little more love out into the world that can be felt by her spirit 💖✨