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How To Style - Mia Ragazza

Tinamaria Crewdson


There is something about the season of summer that evokes the feeling of wanderlust. An energy that is playful, feminine, yet romantic just like women’s fashion during this time of year, especially, in the category of women’s footwear!


The Mia Ragazza, Italian for “my girl”, is a modern twist on boho chic. It was inspired by this very concept, which lead to the creation of two distinct style options. These styles present a softer or bolder approach to your bohemian vibe this season. Mia Ragazza is modern update to the classic bohemian sandal and will be your go to sandal time and again!

Mia Ragazza Suede- Product Shot

The nude version is flirty and fun, crafted from a buttery soft suede with flowing fringes that drape over the foot highlighting ever so elegantly the touches of studded detail on the toe strap and ankle finishes. These finishes are a western style antiqued brushed silver buckle. They create such a luxurious feeling you won’t want to take them off your feet! It is so versatile and perfect to pair with anything from a dressy printed romper or skirt to a  colorful summer dress for the perfect date night look. Moreover, we added a two-inch heel to develop a well-balanced shoe that can easily go from day to night. This decision was inspired by our customers who wanted a sexy sandal with a lower heel and we delivered! 

Black Nappa - Mia Ragazza

Our black Nappa leather version of the Mia Ragazza is bolder for a cool, edgier city look. This beauty is the perfect complement to your favorite pair of jeans or the finishing touch to accent your LBD.


May the Mia Ragazza put a little summer magic in your step. Shop the style now. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram & Pinterest

The La Dea Collection

Tinamaria Crewdson


The “La Dea” collection was a result of my passion for Roman art and history. The female deities of this empire piqued my interest & served as the foundation for my design inspiration.

During the Roman era, it was a common belief that goddesses ruled heaven, earth, and the underworld. Each of them possessed a talent corresponding to various aspects of daily life. These gifts represented virtues such as beauty, love, creativity, wisdom, protection, power, strength as well as creation. The Roman goddess was a woman who was adorned and honored. Her traits radiated from her physical beauty, which emanated a superior charm and intelligence. As a result, I wanted to translate these ideas into the personalities of each design. I believed it was important to juxtapose delicate, feminine elements with bolder and stronger silhouettes. My favorite designs in this collection are described in further detail to paint a more intimate portrait of the concept behind each design.


Jess Sandal.jpg

The Jess sandal, inspired by love & courage, depicts femininity and the qualities of a champion. Its Romanesque silhouette, constructed with dainty, slim braided Nappa leather straps and ankle ties, which drapes the feet. This design detail presents an elegant take on the traditional gladiator style, which is reminiscent of the era of the Colosseum.


Alexis Shoe.jpg

The Alexis, a daring style that draws its inspiration from the Huntress, an adventure seeker archetype. Its bold, enclosed silhouette, creates an exotic look that was crafted from soft Nappa leather as well as snakeskin embossed-leather with an open toe and cuff design. It is balanced by a low heel, which evokes both allure and stability, creating a trans-seasonal shoe to be worn for seasons to come.


Mia Ragazza Leather.jpg

Mia Ragazza means “my girl" in English. This style is truly close to my heart because it was inspired by my daughter. She is the physical manifestation of the quintessential Italian goddess. Her fair skin, golden hair and crystal blue eyes embody the traits of traditional Northern Italian beauty.

The "La Dea" collection captures what I perceive to be the true essence of Roman mythology. Moreover, it is a compliment to the ideals of the contemporary Tina Maria woman, a woman of today.