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Behind The Jess Sandal

Tinamaria Crewdson


They say that business isn’t personal but the truth is, situations and circumstances can affect the way you do business. These circumstances can transform your perspective, inspiring you to create opportunities to make even the slightest difference in the lives of others.

Designing is my passion, but it has grown to include more charitable elements. This lead to the creation of the Jess sandal, a style that is near and dear to my heart. There are moments in life when we find ourselves moved by the heartwarming stories of those we may not know personally. On the other hand, these stories of achievement, generosity along with the amazing courage demonstrated when facing the challenges of life, fosters the energy that drives us as a brand.

The Jess sandal was developed in honor of Jessica Wells, who sadly lost her battle with Leukemia. My daughter, who was a friend of Jess, shared with me that she had liked a pair of sandals I designed. Moreover, she hoped that upon receiving clearance from quarantine after her bone marrow transplant that I would be able to hand deliver them to her. Unfortunately, that moment never arrived. On the other hand, I was blessed to know her brother Rich very well, a young man anyone would be proud to say they knew. He is a great uncle to Jess’ six-year-old son, Nick, whom I met him briefly, and is a very talented baseball player, I might add!


I connected with Jess’ family and friends as they shared stories about her faith, strength, and courage. Jess passed away in 2017at the age of thirty-one. Her death had a profound impact on me as a woman, sister, and mother. As a result, I felt compelled to give something to her family to honor her memory. This sparked the concept of the "Jess" sandal. It took several prototypes to develop something that I felt happy with, but I knew she would love the design. I chose pink as the signature color because it was Jess' favorite color and just like Jess, this style has a young, beautiful and spirited essence.

The insole of the shoe bears a unique logo designed by my daughter. On one-half, there is a heart and on the other an angel wing. These logo marks represent Jess and the beautiful young woman she was who shared her gifts with many. In the spirit of our brand’s charitable culture, all profits made from the Jess sandal will be donated to contribute to a college fund for her loving son Nick.

Jess & Her Son Nick.JPG

It is my hope that every time a Jess sandal is worn, it helps put a little more love out into the world that can be felt by her spirit 💖✨

About Our Brand

Tinamaria Crewdson


In a world of uncertainty, we as women often navigate the path of our lives from two perspectives; A fear of life or love of it. The Tina Maria brand celebrates the woman who perseveres with passion, strength & courage, on a mission to make the world a bit brighter, one step at a time. This perspective inspired our motto “Be bold, Be Beautiful, Be you. It was important for us as a brand to share this message with the world through our designs.

Our brand culture celebrates positivity, freedom of creativity with a strong sense of well being and balance. It is about showing respect for all humanity, promoting empowerment of self and supporting the empowerment of others.

Philanthropy is a core value for the brand. As a result, we recognize the importance of giving back to the community through our support of charities that help to support all the bold, beautiful, women in this world. We look forward to being part of many more events and charities to reinforce our brand message.

The essence of the Tina Maria brand is to inspire and there is nothing more inspiring than the incredible and talented women of the world today!

The Tina Maria woman has self-confidence in spite of her flaws. She is accepting of herself & embraces her unique beauty. Her outer beauty radiates from within, as a result of her sense of self. She is a woman who believes she can achieve anything she sets in her sights. She radiates boldness and beauty by following her own path and inspiring others along the way.

Our made to order products represent our commitment to quality. All of our shoes are made in Italy by local artisans. As a brand, we strive to provide excellent customer service and care. By gaining your loyalty, we wish to continue our mission as your lifestyle footwear brand.



A Note From The Creative Director

Tinamaria Crewdson

Tina Maria .JPG

Tina Maria is the physical manifestation of my creative vision. I see beauty in all things & use my designs to translate that beauty, which is often inspired by the lifestyle of the Tina Maria woman. So, when a design comes to life, it is not only created with an attention to detail, but also quality, honoring all that is valuable & beautiful. 

It was always my dream to build a brand of distinction, one that women felt a deep connection with, but, unfortunately, design school was not in the cards for me. My style muse was the character "Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz. A character who was a source of comfort for me during my childhood, as I struggled with my own insecurities that were dictated by the standards of beauty. Dorothy's ruby-red shoes were a source of empowerment along her journey down the "yellow brick road" & helped her to find her way "home". These shoes were a symbol for the imperfect eyes of a child, which triggered the calling to launch Tina Maria Shoes. A brand to create, give & share something magical with a world of women, who are courageous, passionate & remain true to their identity as they find their “way” in this world.

As an artist, I honor my journey and being able to share my art is my passion. My commitment is to continually be inspired by the beauty around me and in all things. To be able to translate my  personal interpretation of that beauty through my design work is incredibly fulfilling!

I value and recognize my responsibility as a designer to the Tina Maria woman, beautiful, contemporary shoes. Each style  promises originality, allure and versatility along.  The traditional quality and craftsmanship that Italy is known for is presented in our shoes.