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Why Made In Italy?

Tinamaria Crewdson


Italy has always been regarded as the zenith of footwear production. Italian shoemakers have refined their skills as craftsman over centuries with keen attention to detail and quality. This highly coveted skillset in conjunction with my love and connection to my Italian heritage made Italy the natural choice.

Leather footwear manufactured in Italy became popular after World War I. Peace was beginning its reign and the Italian pioneers who were master shoe makers were eager to share their trailblazing artistry with the world. This allowed them to gain international exposure while adapting to global changes without compromising quality. Italian shoemakers or Cordwainers as they were known, crafted shoes by hand. Their exceptional usage of production materials ultimately fostered their mastery of the craft, supplying shoes for their entire village.

These artisans spent centuries perfecting their craftsmanship of leather while other countries focused on more commercially accessible techniques and textiles better suited for mass manufacturing. Italy is all about the leather and Italian cordwainers have succeeded in the development of a treatment process that is truly a thing of beauty and elegance. Leather is the core of the country’s textile business with a number of notable tanneries. Some international competitors have resorted to the usage of inferior materials as a means of cost-saving measures to increase production volume. However, Italy has and still remains true to its selective taste in raw materials and craftsmanship. Moreover, Italy is so committed to quality that you can find entire towns dedicated to the art of leather tanning. Only the best hides are accepted and quality control is an ongoing part of the manufacturing process. 

As a shoe designer, styles produced in Italy are the best quality footwear money can buy, adding a discerning touch of elegance to almost anything and everything else you choose to wear. Italian made products are truly world-class. 

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Slow Fashion Is Our Mantra

Tinamaria Crewdson

Quality Shoes.jpg

As a brand, social responsibility is the foundation of our culture. We demonstrate this through our support of charitable causes as well as our passion for humanity. As a result, it was vital to include this ideology in the development of our products. The fashion industry is second to the oil industry as the greatest pollutant on the planet and fast fashion is a major contributor. These products are taken from the design phase to the retail stage in just a matter of weeks. This creates overconsumption due to cheaper costs that come with a higher price tag on the environment. It is estimated that in the US alone, more than 12.8 million tons of textiles are dumped annually in landfills. This equates to approximately 80 pounds per person. Much of this is due to clothing made in China as well as developing countries, where environmental regulations are liberal. In fact, the production processes in these locations not only contribute to waste but exacerbate environmental issues such as global warming.

Slow fashion is the latest movement to counteract the damage through the emphasis of conscious product consumption. Furthermore, this movement has taken the fashion industry by storm with legends such as Vivienne Westwood championing the change in perspective. The goal is to focus on purchasing high caliber items that were built to last. In support of the slow fashion philosophy, it was imperative for us to produce high-quality goods, ethically. As a designer, every step of the design process is carefully considered. In order to honor our brand values, compromising quality is not an option for the sake of instant gratification. We focus on creating beautiful, well-crafted shoes manufactured in a location noted for excellent craftsmanship of shoes and high ethical standards, Italy.

Our commitment is to build a brand that will remain true to our customers and our environment. Moreover, we wish to grow and evolve with you responsibly.

About Our Brand

Tinamaria Crewdson


In a world of uncertainty, we as women often navigate the path of our lives from two perspectives; A fear of life or love of it. The Tina Maria brand celebrates the woman who perseveres with passion, strength & courage, on a mission to make the world a bit brighter, one step at a time. This perspective inspired our motto “Be bold, Be Beautiful, Be you. It was important for us as a brand to share this message with the world through our designs.

Our brand culture celebrates positivity, freedom of creativity with a strong sense of well being and balance. It is about showing respect for all humanity, promoting empowerment of self and supporting the empowerment of others.

Philanthropy is a core value for the brand. As a result, we recognize the importance of giving back to the community through our support of charities that help to support all the bold, beautiful, women in this world. We look forward to being part of many more events and charities to reinforce our brand message.

The essence of the Tina Maria brand is to inspire and there is nothing more inspiring than the incredible and talented women of the world today!

The Tina Maria woman has self-confidence in spite of her flaws. She is accepting of herself & embraces her unique beauty. Her outer beauty radiates from within, as a result of her sense of self. She is a woman who believes she can achieve anything she sets in her sights. She radiates boldness and beauty by following her own path and inspiring others along the way.

Our made to order products represent our commitment to quality. All of our shoes are made in Italy by local artisans. As a brand, we strive to provide excellent customer service and care. By gaining your loyalty, we wish to continue our mission as your lifestyle footwear brand.