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A Note From The Creative Director

Tinamaria Crewdson

Tina Maria .JPG

Tina Maria is the physical manifestation of my creative vision. I see beauty in all things & use my designs to translate that beauty, which is often inspired by the lifestyle of the Tina Maria woman. So, when a design comes to life, it is not only created with an attention to detail, but also quality, honoring all that is valuable & beautiful. 

It was always my dream to build a brand of distinction, one that women felt a deep connection with, but, unfortunately, design school was not in the cards for me. My style muse was the character "Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz. A character who was a source of comfort for me during my childhood, as I struggled with my own insecurities that were dictated by the standards of beauty. Dorothy's ruby-red shoes were a source of empowerment along her journey down the "yellow brick road" & helped her to find her way "home". These shoes were a symbol for the imperfect eyes of a child, which triggered the calling to launch Tina Maria Shoes. A brand to create, give & share something magical with a world of women, who are courageous, passionate & remain true to their identity as they find their “way” in this world.

As an artist, I honor my journey and being able to share my art is my passion. My commitment is to continually be inspired by the beauty around me and in all things. To be able to translate my  personal interpretation of that beauty through my design work is incredibly fulfilling!

I value and recognize my responsibility as a designer to the Tina Maria woman, beautiful, contemporary shoes. Each style  promises originality, allure and versatility along.  The traditional quality and craftsmanship that Italy is known for is presented in our shoes.